Charnwood PFK04 Deluxe Picture Frame Making Assembly Kit, Underpinner

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The latest addition to our range of picture framing tools allowing the hobby framer or artist to be able to join professional looking frames at home. The frame clamp has a quick action mechanism to quickly and securely hold the two mitred pieces of moulding. Once clamped, the corner is turned upside down and positioned on the non-slip base and up against the fence for accurate location of the wedge. The fence itself can be positioned to allow for any sized picture frame moulding, up to 75mm wide, with a front and back locating stop which can be set when using wider mouldings which require two wedges in each corner. When working with taller mouldings, up to 100mm, it is possible to perform an operation known as stacking, where two wedges are inserted on top of each other. The second wedge pushes the first one in deeper so that inserting 2 x 10mm height wedges is the equivalent of a 20mm wedge. The driver for inserting the wedges has a square shaped magnetic tip which securely holds the next wedge in place. The hand lever is pushed down, which does not require much force and can be operated by anybody, Until the wedge is fully inserted and flush with the back of the frame. Once all 4 corners have been joined the frame is ready for the artwork to be put in, the backing board secured in place, using our T225 Tab Driver, and then hung on the wall. We include a FREE hardware kit to provide the finishing touch. FREE 266 Piece Hardware Kit; 100 x 7mm Wedges 100 x 10mm Wedges 5m Picture Hanging Wire 8 x Screw Eyes 8 x D Rings 8 x Screw Rings 6 x Large Wall Hook 4 x Small wall hook 10 x Wood screw 20 x Masonry Nail 1 x Frame leveler (Spirit Level)Easy to Use – FREE 266 Piece Hardware kit for mounting
Professional Results
Metal Mitre Clamp + Location stops.
Magentic V-Nail Driver

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