Screen Cleaner 100ml Cleaning Brush and Fine Microfibre Towel for LCD, LED, TFT, HD TV’s, Plasma,Laptops, touchscreen, smartphones, TV Screens, Tablets, Keyboards, E-readers and more

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Betron Anti Bacterial Screen Cleaner

• Removes dust and fingerprints without streaks or stains

• Anti-bacterial formula

• 100ml capacity

• Trigger action bottle for ease of use

• Microfiber cleaning cloth

Follow these steps to safely clean your flat screen in just a few minutes

1. Turn off your monitor or TV set and if it’s warm, allow to cool down. Areas of dirt or oil are easier to spot when the screen is off.

2. Use the microfiber cloth provided to gently wipe any loose dust from the surface

3. Apply a few sprays of cleaning solution to the cloth (not the screen) and gently wipe until clean

Best for LCD, LED, TFT, HD TV’s, Plasma, touchscreen, smartphones, TV Screens, Tablets, Keyboards, E-readers, Mouse
Smart Size 100 Ml bottle comes High Quality Microfiber Towel.
Bio Degradable and Hypo Allergenic. Does not harm the coating of your screen. Anti-Bacterial, Anti static
Excellent for cleaning keyboards and mouse. Removes all dirt and grease and kills the germs
Free of harsh chemicals & alcoholic substances. Use safely around children and pets

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