The Curiosities of British Children’s TV

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Are there TV shows from your childhood that you just can’t remember? The answer’s likely to be yes and this lack of recall is not surprising. Our young, impressionable memories are bombarded with information, so it’s no surprise if one or two shows slip through the fragile cracks of our memory. This book, however, doesn’t want you to forget them.

Exploring shows such as Bric-a-Brac, Zokko!, Get Up and Go, Earthfasts and Running Scared to name but a few, this book is a journey through the hidden gems and oddities of British children’s TV. Featuring exclusive interviews with the people behind the shows, it’s an indispensable guide for rediscovering these shows and rightly celebrating them.

The complete list of shows covered are:

1. Sebastian the Incredible Drawing dog
2. Jackson Pace: The Great Years
3. Chips’ Comic
4. Earthfasts
5. Clapperboard
6. Break in the Sun
7. Hokey Cokey
8. Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden
9. Chock-a-Block
10. The Pig Attraction
11. Teddy Edward
12. Mop and Smiff
13. Running Scared
14. Let’s Pretend
15. Alfonso Bonzo
16. Bric-a-Brac
17. Round the Bend
18. Orm and Cheep
19. Codename Icarus
20. Heggerty Haggerty
21. Behind the Bike Sheds
22. Over the Moon
23. Ragdolly Anna
24. Zokko!
25. Get Up and Go! / Mooncat & Co

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