WENSENY Luminoodle Bias Lighting Neon Accent LED Strips (78.7in / 2m) Multi Color Adjustable Bias Backlight RGB Lights with Remote Control , USB for HDTV , Flat Screen TV Accessories and Desktop PC

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Without Luminoodle TV Backlight:
You either turn on a lamp and fight the glare on your screen throughout your entire viewing experience or suffer from the annoying headaches, eye strain and dryness that result from looking at a bright screen in a dark room. Without the Luminoodle TV Backlight, your viewing pleasure is diminished.

Experience the Difference:
The Luminoodle TV not only provides simple yet beautiful ambient lighting but also enhances your viewing experience so much that you¡¯ll wonder what you did without it. Choose any of 14 colors that best suit your viewing pleasure and diminish the eye strain you and your family experience on a nightly basis with a solution that will make your entire living room beautiful.

Wireless Remote and In-line Controller:
Use the simple and intuitive controller and wireless remote to choose one of many lighting scenarios, or to easily turn the backlight on or off if your TV¡¯s USB port doesn¡¯t power off with your TV.

USB-Powered Long-Life LEDs:
The built-in reversible USB plug makes the TV backlight easy to install so it turns on and off with your TV’s USB port. Your TV powers these high quality RGB LEDs to provide up to 250 lumens of either white or colorful bias lighting. Rated for 50,000 hours of use.Relieve Your Eye Strain – Quality Bias Lighting can help reduce the eye strain cuased by long exposures to TV screens and monitors in dark rooms. It can also help make the grays and blacks on your screen seem richer.
Super Sticky Adhesive -The 3M 300MP adhesive(it has better viscosity than 3M 200MP) provides secure and strong installation without worrying about falling off. Attention: Be careful when you remove the adhesive backing tape on the strips, only tear off the Yellow Tape. Don’t peel off the Adhesive Sticker with the Yellow Tape together.
Control the Light with Remote – Come with 24 key remote controller, has 16 colors, 4 different light control functions. You can use the remote control change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes. Wireless range: 50ft.
INCLUDES: 78 inch (2m) RGB LED light strip kit with 3M adhesive and a reversible USB plug. Also included is an in-line on/off switch with dimmer and wireless remote. This TV ambient lighting kit offers 16 colors.USB Input: 5W (5V, 1A) – check TV USB output prior to installation.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Installing this RGB TV backlight kit is easy. After planning your route, simply wipe down the TV¡¯s surface, adhere the LED lights to the TV, plug it in and you have beautiful TV ambient lighting. This 78-inch light strip provides benefits on any TV or monitor up to 60 inches (see sizing diagram to find the best length for your needs)

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