12v Cello LCD TV in car power supply charger cable

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This is a 12v quality car adapter which fits into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

These have been specially manufactured to provide a simple cost effective way of powering this device in the car.

We have chosen a 2 meter lead length to make it more versatile.

The in car charger outputs 12v volts and can deliver up to 3 amps of power. It basically feeds the 12v car battery power into the device providing an effective means of using it in the car via a fuse.

This adapter is simple, you can change the fuse internally and it is very reliable. It features the correct connector for the listed model.


* 2m lead length.
* 12v dc output
* Led light to show power is on.
* Center Positive Connector
* 1 year Warranty
* factory fitted ConnectorPower up your 12-Volt device from Car lighter socket instantly – 5.5mm center positive connector
Positive tip Barrel Connector widely compatible to many electronic devices
Cord is 2 meter long for maximum versatility
LED to indicate power status
Build-in replaceable 3 Amp fuse to protect your car electrical circult and your device, High quality with precised soldering. Safe and reliable

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