Duronic DM052-3 Monitor Stand Riser for Desk PC Computer Monitor | Laptop and TV Clear Glass

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TheDuronic Glass Monitor Riser

Perfectfor elevating the elevation of your monitor, laptop, or tiny TV’s to a better seeing elevation.

A Duronic monitor riser will certainly permit you to increase your monitor to the ideal elevation needed for monitor watching. Not all displays feature a stand that raises the monitor to the ideal eye degree needed to stay clear of neck and neck and back pain. The leading third of your monitor need to go to your eye degree, the majority of monitor does not permit you to attain this for this reason our stands will certainly permit you to increase your monitor in between 10 centimeters-13 centimeters, which will certainly allow you to attain that ideal degree.


DM051: Premium Glass Monitor Riser

DM052: Standard Glass Monitor Riser

  • DM052 -1: Clear Small
  • DM052 -2: Black Small
  • DM052 -3: Clear: Large
  • DM052 -4: Black: Large

DM053: Clear Premium Acrylic Monitor Riser

DM054: Black Premium Acrylic Monitor Riser

Easy to set up: We have actually made our device simple to set up, all you require to do is screw on the legs onto the glass system, the Acrylic versions come prepared to utilize right out of package. Set your monitor/laptop or TV on the device.

Easy to tidy: As the system is constructed from glass/acrylic it will certainly permit you to clean it tidy conveniently to preserve its streamlined appearance.

2 Year ltd guarantee

TheDuronic DM052 variety of monitor riser will certainly sustain and climb your monitor, laptop or TV by 9cm-105 centimeters to give you with an extra simple to see setting for your desktop computer configuration in the house or at the office. Our monitor risers are currently suited 000’s of workplaces throughout the globe and they are assisting clients decrease neck and pain in the back by maximizing the seeing setting of the desk established.
HEALTH AND WELLNESS ADVANTAGES: Problems with reduced degree displays is the truth that in a lot of cases the monitor is listed below the needed eye degree for maximum body stance, what the Duronic monitor stand does is permit the customer to readjust the stand based upon the elevation of the customer to locate the very best elevation for each person. Having the displays at the right elevation will certainly decrease neck and pain in the back.
ThisDuronic monitor riser is ideal for all home appliances that have a base not bigger than the glass system. We would certainly suggest providing 10 centimeters clearance on either side for additional assurance. Most of the leading monitor brand names such as Dell, Samsung, AOC, Asus, Acer, BenQ and so on are all level panel displays which does not consider a lot. Even the tiny TV’s offered today that consider much less than 20 kg are additionally ideal.
This riser additionally makes it a wonderful laptop stand, making it possible for the laptop to be at the right eye degree. Duronic monitor riser additionally produces room below the stand to place your key-board far from view, and general developing even more room on your desk so you can use your desk room in various other methods, in addition to having an extra cleaner established.
The DM052 -1, DM052 -2, DM052 -3, DM052 -4 monitor riser has a 6mm tampered glass system. All glass is constructed from top quality and will certainly sustain a monitor, laptop or a TV of the weight of approximately 20 kg. We have actually mounted tubular feet to make the device extremely durable. The glass dimension is: 700 mm X 240 mm. Our costs design: DM051 has a weight capability of 40 kg.