Magnetic Phone Holder Universal Gifts – Mack V Rider – Silicone Gift For Men, Kids & Gift For Women For Bicycles & Motorbikes Also Pushchairs & Gym Equipment For Iphone & Samsung Smartphone & More – New Summer 2018

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Mack V Rider Silicone Phone Mount With Magnet

Why buy this phone mount?

1. Won’t break easily.
2. Won’t damage your device.
3. Lightweight
4. Fast and easy to attach and detach!
5. Shock proof
6. The holder doesn’t come in the way of the use of your device
7. Made with quality silicone + ABS plastic material.
8. Magnet and silicone straps provide extra protection so there is no way your phone will drop unlike other phone mounts in the market.
9. Keeps the phone locked in place so the phone stays steady when you’re making that cool video or taking pictures, selfies while you ride.
10. You can adjust the phone and mount to whichever position you like.
11. 360 rotation

Never miss another call when you’re out on your bike! No more reaching into your pocket to get your phone out while you’re riding!


1. Bikes – for BMX bikes, road bikes and more! Video the rides and capture dangerous drivers.
2. Pushchairs – attach it to your pushchair so you don’t have to reach into your bag/pocket for your phone while you’re pushing the pushchair.
3. Treadmills – watch videos on facebook or youtube when you’re walking/running.
4. Trolleys – You don’t need to hold your phone in your hand to read your shopping list, text, scroll through facebook, snapchat etc. You can shop much faster without your phone in your hand. Easily take the phone off the mount if you receive a call.
6. Gym equipment – attach to gym equipment in the gym.

You can use this on so many things!

100% 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!FITS HANDLEBARS UP TO 35mm – FITS ALL SMART PHONES from 4″ to 9″ (without a case) – From an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S2, up to a iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S8. The silicone design stretches to firmly hold a wide range of phones. Can be used as a standalone phone case when detached from the bike. You can fit any device up to 4-9 inches. Great gift for men, gift for women. Great for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and graduation gifts.
SAFE AND SECURE – the stretchy patented silicone rubber straps will hold your phone tight and keep it steady. We added a magnet to this mount so you can mount your device with no hesitation. Extra material is provided to make the magnet more powerful! It won’t scratch or damage your phone. Leave your phone on record to capture video proof of any dangerous driving or if someone hits you with their car.
ATTACHES TO – bicycles, pushchairs, treadmills, steering wheels, supermarket trolleys, motorbikes, gym equipment, golf trolleys and more!
TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS – because the phone holder keeps the phone steady, you are able to take pictures and make videos of your journey. If you ride a BMX then you can make really cool videos of showing off your skills.
ATTACH AND DETACH IN SECONDS – the phone holder is so easy and quick to strap on and off the handlebar that you don’t even need instructions for it. It takes seconds! Unlike other mounts in the market that needs screws and takes time to put on and take off. This saves you time especially when you’re getting late for work or you’ve got somewhere to be.

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