Skytronic 5.0 Walnut Surround Sound System Home Cinema House Party Hi-Fi Speakers 1150W

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Suitable for home theatre and hi-fi, this 5.0 surround sound system from Skytronic speaks volumes: with intricate 3-way and 2-way bass reflex technology; your sound has never been so proud! Including two frontal column speakers with removable protective grilles, the 3-way system helps to achieve distinctive highs, mids and bass frequencies blasting from in front. The two rear speakers are ideally mounted to the wall and are designed to fit onto brackets (not included), so the sound dispersal from behind the sofa gives a powerful bass kick. A central speaker completes the system: and in a sleek, universal walnut finish, this blends impressively your interior decoration. With cables included to connect the speakers together, this sound system requires a 5.0 amplifier to work. Simply connect up to an amplifier, plug in the TV and enjoy a thudding home theatre that will have you staying in over the cinema!Surround sound speaker system
Removable protective grilles on front speakers
Suitable for small house parties, home theatre and hi-fi
Impressive sound with crossover technology
Electromarket Cable Tie Included